I am a professional ghostwriter, author, editor and proofreader with over 30 years of experience.

A native English speaker, I have a BA in Philosophy and a TESOL in English language teaching.

I have written more than 30 successfully published books in a ghostwriting capacity. Some have featured on The Sunday Times bestseller list, as well as consistently ranking amongst the top 10 best sellers in their category on Amazon. 

My creative influences come from literature, philosophy, history, mythology, the arts, and life itself. 

After studying and working in the UK,  I lived for over 20 years in the vibrant city of Athens before retreating to a secluded corner of the Peloponnese. Here, the magnificent aura of sea and sky allows me to fully harness my creative energy. 

Clients often ask me when I first began writing and my answer is always the same: from the moment I learnt how to hold a pen. Being a book lover with a passion for the written word has shaped who I am today and has become the very fabric of my existence. 

When I am not writing, I am out walking or swimming with my faithful canine companion, Moira (Greek for 'destiny').

 Why do you need a ghostwriter?

'Ghostwriting is one of the oldest professions in the world.'

Ghostwriting isn't something new. 

When the Sumerian goddess Nisaba invented literacy, she used her creative energy to inspire scribes, who were commissioned to write for their masters. Nisaba was also an oracular goddess, well gifted in dream interpretation, and is the muse for my website logo.

Today, many people like yourself choose to commission a ghostwriter to get their story to print and there are a number of reasons why you may wish to do so. 

What kind of book do you wish to write?


There are no limits to the topics that can be featured in non-fiction book and this genre is in high demand. From self-help and positive psychology to your life story or inspirational message, simply name the subject and I will write about it.


You may want to leave a written testimony of your exceptional life or relate your experiences to date. Perhaps you want to honour your family's intriguing history or tell everyone about a significant aspect of your ancestry. I will work closely with you to highlight all of the touch points and milestones while making sure to retell your story using your voice. 


If you want to share your vision with the world or feel you have something important to say, writing a book is a brilliant way to reach your audience. I will turn your thoughts and insights into an inspirational manuscript ready for publishing. 


Do you want to share your expertise and know-how with your peers or other industry professionals? I will take your knowledge and skills and turn them into a handbook for success that others can benefit from.


If you want to share your ideas, reflections, and views about a subject close to your heart, self-publishing is the way to go. I will carry out all the research needed to write a compelling book that presents your passions and interests.


As a ghostwriter, I harness all of my creative talent and writing skills to deliver a fully-fleshed out novel based on your initial brief. 

My unbridled imagination allows me to create content that matches your voice and vision. From fantasy and mystery to magical realism and historical novels, there are no boundaries to the stories I can tell. 

Even real life events can be presented in a fictional way. You might want to turn your life story into a fictionalised account or express your ideas in a unique and creative way. 

'Truth is often stranger than fiction but fiction is a great way to present your version of the truth! '

Why do you need editing and proofreading services?

Redefining and perfecting your words

You may already have a draft manuscript you need editing or proofreading. It could be that you partially written a book and need it expanding. You might have already edited your manuscript and want a further review of its content. 

I offer several kinds of editing before the final proofreading stage: 

Developmental Editing

In this stage, I will focus on the overall structure, content, and coherence of your manuscript. I will examine it for organization, flow, clarity, and consistency of ideas, characters, plotlines, or arguments. I will then suggest revisions, rearrange sections, or provide feedback on improving the manuscript's overall effectiveness.

Line Editing

I will focus on the sentence level, improve the language, style, and clarity of the writing. I will pay attention to sentence structure, grammar, word choice, syntax, and readability. I may then suggest rephrasing sentences, eliminating redundancies, improving clarity, and enhancing the overall flow and impact of the prose.

Copy Editing

Copy editing involves checking for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and formatting errors. I will ensure consistency in usage, adhere to style guidelines, and correct any mechanical issues. I may also check for internal consistency, such as consistency in character names, dates, and facts.


This is the final stage before publishing and focuses on identifying and correcting any remaining errors. I will carefully checks for typos, misspellings, punctuation errors, formatting issues, and other minor mistakes. I will provide you with a polished and error-free final manuscript.